Turnkey Solutions

ITA is a full turnkey fibre optic network specialist in the planning, implementation, testing, certification and maintenance of fibre optic solutions for the telecommunications industry.

ITA provides complete fibre solutions for network build projects and has established a track record in delivering complex, national projects.

Our service offering for fibre networks has set the standard against which current networks are built, commissioned and supported.

We are specialists in:

  • Long Haul Routes
  • Metro Rings
  • Metro Spurs
  • Site Entry Build
  • Fibre Blowing & Termination
  • Full ATP Testing & Certification


Customized IT Solutions Across all Industries


• Site Surveys • Fibre Optic Network Planning • Way Leave Management for Municipal Services


• Project Management • Civil Route Build • Site Access Build • Optic Fibre Build • Quality Assurance • Health & Safety • Project Management Back Office and Docs





  • Our fibre optic installers are all certified technicians, who have undergone their Telkom
    training and apprenticeships.
  • We use only the latest Exfo OTDR's for advanced link characterization and troubleshooting of
    long-haul and metro networks.
  • For insertion loss testing, we use Exfo MaxTester and FTB400.
  • All tests are done in accordance to the relevant ITU –T, IEC and FOTP Recommendations
    and specifications for system operation at 10 Gbps.
  • We do full OTDR, OLTS/ORL, PMD and CD




  • Writing of specifications
  • Civil contractor management
  • Civil Acceptance
  • Fibre Optic Network infrastructure installation
  • Traffic diverts associated with these projects
  • Project Management
  • Dedicated Installation Liaison Officers on site
  • As Build Documentation
  • Project Management Back Office Documentation




  • Civil route build
  • Optic fibre build
  • Site access build


Safety, health and protection of the environment form an integral part of ITA planning and decision making. We manage our company in an ethical way that strikes an appropriate and well reasoned balance between economic, social and environmental needs.

ITA has a dedicated and fully accredited SHEQ Manager as well as Regional Health & Safety Officers plus an additional Health & Safety Representatives in each Region.

Regular training is of paramount importance and this is regularly conducted by our SHEQ Manager both on site and at the ITA Offices.

Unannounced site inspections are regularly undertaken by our H&S Officers. Any non-conformances are dealt with immediately and retraining is conducted, if necessary.




  • Conducting our business with respect and care for people and the environment.
  • The responsible utilisation of natural resources.
  • Continually improving our safety, health and environmental performance.
  • Complying, as a minimum, with all applicable legal and other agreed requirements./li>
  • Promoting dialogue with stakeholders about safety, health and environmental performance.


Our specialised fibre optic team allows us to offer a range of fibre optic network and cabling services that provide you with a full service solution for fibre optic cabling.
We import and export a wide range of fibre cable, as well supplying and exporting the entire range of fibre ducts and products used in blown fibre installations.
ITA specialises in core alignment fusion splicing, for the termination of fibre cabling, and can conduct high level OTRD testing for any fibre installation and termination.

Blown Fibre & Testing

Our highly skilled fibre team carries out Duct Integrity Tests (DIT) on all fibre micro ducts before the installation of Fibre cable. Once the micro ducts have been tested, fibre optic cable is floated through the micro ducts on a cushion of air, resulting in the name for this process being known as "blown fibre."


ITA offers a range of civil engineering services, from ground penetration radar surveying to trenching and other excavations.

Ground Penetration Radar - GPR

Ground penetration radar, or GPR, is used in the detection of pipes, cables and similar service infrastructure underground, in order to ensure that trenching and drilling for cable laying is carried out safely and without risking existing infrastructure.

Mechanical Trenching

The ITA mechanical trenching division uses specialised and proven trenching machinery in order to carry out necessary trenching quickly and effectively, ensuring the rapid laying of services over large distances.

Directional Drilling

ITA uses the latest in cutting edge technology for directional drilling under roads or other obstacles. Thanks to this technology, we can lay cabling and implement installations under roads, rivers, and existing services with minimal disturbance to the area.

Hand Trenching

ITA employs large teams of South African labourers to carefully hand trench in metropolitan areas. ITA supports the drive for job creation and the use of local labour. This is a company initiative, and forms part of ITA BEE policy.

Tar & Roads Division

The ITA Tar and Roads division specialises in the cutting of roads, the removal and replacement of tar surfaces and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) compaction testing. All our work is guaranteed, and meets civil criteria for all specifications.

Tar & Roads Division Manhole Team

The ITA manhole team is equipped to install pre-cast manholes by means of crane trucks, as well as qualified to build brick manholes according to municipal specifications.

Civil Excavation

The ITA Civil Excavation department removes building and site rubble for dumping at municipal or specialised dump sites. ITA is committed to environmental sustainability, and we take care to ensure that we adhere to approved recycling and waste disposal practises.

Paving & Rock Demolition

Our experienced paving team will carefully remove, and then re-lay paving from an installation site, while our rock demolition teams specialise in breaking rock by drilling and non-toxic, expanding chemical blasting. Broken rock is excavated and removed from the site by our Excavation department.

Drafting, Training & Administration

The ITA Drafting Department incorporates network planning, fibre route design and policy

Network Design

Our drafting department meticulously plans and draws up all proposed fibre optic routes, and submits applications for route and infrastructure installations to the relevant departments affected by the the construction of a given fibre network, including planning documentation and cadastral diagram information.

Our solid relationships with both the client and the municipality ensures accurate municipal records, and we submit detailed as-build files to site owners, as well as keeping them on file for future reference.

Health & Safety Training

At ITA we enforce a strict safety policy, and maintain compliance with applicable regulations at all times. We carry our regular safety courses to ensure that all internal teams, as well as contractors, maintain current safety procedures. Safety information is provided and tested regularly to ensure a safe working environment under all conditions